Tips for trips

Zlatá Koruna - Gothic Cistercian monastery found in.1263 by Přemysl Otakar II, the king

Kájov - exceptionally well - preserved complex of an important pilgrimage church and chapels from 15th century, sacristy, parsonage, hospice and valued contents of the house.

Holubov - a village at the foothills of Blanský Forest massive with the highest mountain

Kleť ( 1084 m) - the oldest lookout built of bricks from 1825, observatory, chair-lift from the village of Krásetín,Celtic oppidum in Třísov village - archeological preserve

Kaplice - is situated around the Malše River,two Gothic churches, Renaissance town hall with the tower from 16th century, fountain with the pillory from 17th century, in the vicinity Pořešín Ruin

Dívčí Kámen - castle ruin

Rožmberk nad Vltavou - castle, Jakobínka Tower preserved from the first half of 13th century, In 14th century the lower castle was found, in 16th century it was rebuilt in the Renaissance style and in 19th century converted into the pseudogothic style. There are also remains of municipal wall.

Vyšší Brod - 8km from Studánky frontier crossing. National monument - Cistercian monastery found in 1259 with a unique library. There is also Postal Museum. It is the starting point of Vltava boating tours - (Vyšší Brod - Č.Krumlov , it is possible to borrow a boat or rafts, collection of boats in Český Krumlov). Nearby there is Čertova stěna and Luč preserve, organ concerts, curious cruises.

Lipno nad Vltavou - Lipno dam, scenic ships´ port, water power station 160 m in the ground, Kramolín ski area

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